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Query command for program use?


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Is there a command (or program) that can learn what the "Current State" is of a device? (The "current state" that is listed on the ISY summary page in the admin console, e.g. 22%, 30%, On, Off)


I would like to be able for a program to query a device, store it's current state in a variable, so a program can later come back and restore that state to the device. For example, turn off all lights in all rooms around a viewing room when the movie starts, then when finished restore those lights to what they were originally - 22% or On or Off, etc.

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There is a Query command but the current state cannot be stored a variable. We are all hoping this will come sometime this year when Variables are enhanced.


Until then a Program can check for a range of values


If Status 'xxxxx' is => 20%

and Status 'xxxxx' is =< 30%




do something.


Checking for every possible On Level has too many possibilities.

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There is only one example I have seen posted by wwat that may work:


His example is about 14 posts down on page1 with program examples and a screen shot of his 'Bathroom Scene changes' folder.

I have used this method to set an integer variable from 1 to 10 to store a device's status then later using it to restore the light level of that device. It is a work around but does the job.


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