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function of "Group Devices" in Admin console?


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Is this just an organizational feature or does it have some implication with programs, scenes, or other insteon controlling of the devices? I've seen the term "group" used a lot on the forums and in the wiki some times interchangeably with scene but also different from scene but used in context as if it had implications on actual device control. I'm not sure if this is being used referring to the "group devices" context option when you right click on a KPL/motion sensor/etc in the admin console. Is it just an organizational feature in the admin console or does grouping a device have implications, sort of like a scene?

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It is purely cosmetic for the sake of keeping those devices visually linked together since they are the same physical device. Without grouping, you could move different buttons from a Keypad into different folders and name them such that you don't even remember they're all the same Keypad.

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Is it purely cosmetic because one of my insteon thermostat (the standalone model 2441ZTH) would not report the temperature to the ISY, it would only report the humidity level and I would see blank in the console interface for the temperature. As soon as I group the 3 devices (the main, the cool and the heat devices), the temperature showed up in the console.

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My understanding is the same as vyrolan...the folders in which one can organize devices is purely cosmetic.


The reference you often see to "group" commands is used by those who get a bit deeper into the insteon signals. When those folks use "group", the rest of us should be thinking "scene". Part of the need to differentiate such terms is because the ISY introduces a command that is not available to those without a controller: a direct command.


The terminology can sometimes cause confusion. But, I don't believe the organizational folders has any relationship to group commands.


Be sure, however, that your "groups" are not, in fact, "scenes". Once created, the only way to identify the difference is the little icon. One looks like a file folder. The other looks like something else (circle around three smaller circles).

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There is a known problem, fixed in 4.0.2, where the temp was not being updated in the Admin Console. A Query was necessary to get temp value displayed. Perhaps Query was clicked by accident giving the appearance Group Devices affected the temp display.

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to double check, I was looking at my admin console. I am trying to find "group devices". In retrospect, I don't see it and want to be sure we are talking about the same thing.


Can you be more specific where you see this "group devices" in the admin console?

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