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Device Status in Custom Notifications


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It would be extremely helpful to be able to put the current status of a device (ON, OFF, etc.) in custom notifications.


Here are a few examples of how this would be useful:


- I have 8 Insteon 2420 motion sensors around the house, and I'd like to be able to have a single email that gets sent out when one of them goes into low battery mode. I can do this now, but there's no way to tell which 2420 is in low battery from the email. The only current possibility would be to create 8 variables and 8 programs (if KitchenMotion Low Battery is ON, then set $KitchenMotionLowBattery = 1), and put a list of variables in the email...


- Same situation, but for leak sensors that are alarming. It would be nice to have a single email showing which leak sensor was showing WET = ON.


- Troubleshooting to take a "snapshot" of a group of devices




Thanks for the consideration.


- Brian

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Am I missing it or is there no way to capture the current temperature from my Venstar with those variables? I see humidity, mode, set points, fan but but not the current temp.



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