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A "stuck" scene status...

Steven M Castano

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Taking a bit of advice from other users, I'm posting this here instead of the ISY forum:


So, I've got a scene called "MBR-Master" that's got a LampLinc Dimmer and an ApplianceLinc in it. The LampLinc Dimmer is in the scene as a controller, the LampLinc dimmer is there as a responder.


The problem I have is the MobiLinc has stopped correctly reporting the status. It WAS working yesterday... and now it's deal. No matter how I turn the scene on or off, MobiLinc, Manually at the devices, with a program or in the ISY admin console... the "MBR-Master" status in the client on my iPhone ALWAYS says that it's on.


The major problem is that, because of this, I can't get the single click function to work in the Favorites tab since it depends on the status.


I've got 4 programs that run at different times during the day to set a combination of the 2 devices, as well as various dim levels for the LampLinc Dimmer, which seems to be working fine. I am able to activate the scene by pushing the chevron on the scene and directly hitting the "ON" and "OFF" buttons, but still... no status change.


Any ideas? Anything I can do to collect better info that might help resolve the situation?

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Hi scastano,


What is the actual scene definition in the Admin Console? MobiLinc computes scene status based on how the scene is defined.


So, if the the scene is defined as having the ApplianceLinc go to the OFF status when the scene is activated, then you'll see that opposite behavior. If ApplianceLinc is OFF the scene is considered ON by MobiLinc based on the scene's definition.



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