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Knowing when an Elk zone is "freshly" violated?


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Trying to recreate the functionality of a simple Elk rule on the ISY and needing some help, please ...


I had an Elk rule that would email me if a gate opened while my Elk was armed. The rule was something basic like "Whenever GATE is OPEN AND Elk Area 1 is Armed Away ...". Nice thing was that if the gate was already left open when the system armed, it __did not__ generate an email at the time of arming. It only triggered and sent the email if the gate was closed and then re-opened while armed.


In the ISY, a simple program I thought would be equivalent like "If zone violated AND armed away ..." gives me instant emails when the system arms if the gate is already open.


I prefer the Elk's approach to this situation, I only want to capture a "fresh" zone violation, so how can I mimic the Elk rule's behavior on the ISY?


Thanks in advance, and cheers,



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This is because ISY programs will trigger on every line of a program, Elk rules only trigger on the first line.



whenever zone violates

and system armed away


only triggers on a zone violation, then it checks if armed away.


In ISY, you would need to use 2 programs to elliminate the arming as a trigger. The second program contains the armed away check and is disabled so it won't self trigger.



elk zone gate violates


run program 2 if


program 2 (which is disabled)


Elk armed away


send email

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