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KeyPadLinc Scene dimming to Zero at On

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I have a KPL linked to a scene that is coming on when the KPL button is pressed and immediately dimming to Zero. This was working and I have not changed any settings. I checked the ON value in the Scene and it is set to 100% for all devices in the Scene. The other devices do not seem to have this problem.


Any ideas?


Edit: All of the devices in the Scene are doing this now. Also the light is stuck at 100% now and won't go off.

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Hello Mr. Morrow,


Please go to your Programs tab, right mouse click on My Programs, choose Find/Replace and then choose the KPL in question in the Find section. Go through all the programs for/in which the KPL takes part and make sure you do not have any programs that are doing this to your KPL.


With kind regards,


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No programs messing with this scene, other than Sunset and Bed Time.


I finally had to kill the fuse to get this scene working again. I'm going to replace my X10 active phase coupler with the passive Insteon one and move some of my WAPs around. This switch (4-way) is also close to the rating for the light; I don't know if this would cause the dimming issue?

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