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Elk module question


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Thanks, LeeG

I've done that now and some how the ELK tabs appeared, but the Go to ELK Console key (under the sunrise time ) doesn't do anything, nor do the other keys to the left of it. Also the drop down menu to the left of the Arm Stay key doesn't display anything. I presume it should display Elk areas.

On the ELK tab, my keypads (2) are shown to reside in area 0 (zero). There is no area 0 in the Elk and both keypads are in area 1. I'm thinking that is why nothing shows in the drop down menu.


I've searched the Wiki, but came up empty. FWIW, all the boxes in ElkRP> Globals> G29-G42> Serial Port 0 Transmit Options are checked.


What an I missing?


Also, when I purchased the Elk module, the Google receipt said that I would receive an email from UDI with installation instructions, but I didn't receive anything from them, the module seemed to just appear.

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Also, that tutorial is for the firmware that is not SSL enabled.


ISY's latest firmware has SSL available if you so choose to use it. I suggest you first get things working with the non-secure port and not using SSL, then if you want you can make the change to ssl.


In other words, follow the tutorial and leave the "ssl" box (which doesn't appear in the tutorial) unchecked.

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I have followed all the instructions specified in the wiki link that you gave, but no change. The Elk data seems to come through incomplete and inaccurate. The firmware on all devices is up to date, and I have Java 7.13 installed.


Also, I have tried to download the dashboard several times, but the download always stalls half way through.



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Hi Paul,


Please do be kind enough to submit a ticket so that we can login to your computer and see what's going on.


The fact that you cannot download the dashboard + the fact that you do NOT have the correct data tells me that you might have firewall issues. What firewall do you have on your computer + have you included ISY in the exclusion list and/or white list?


With kind regards,


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