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ZWave support


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Hi Wes-


I am part of the zwave alpha testing. I have 2 devices added to my 994 (an appliance module and a dimmer). Both show up in the mobilinc device list and both crash mobilinc when I attempt to turn them on/off with Mobilinc. I have added them each to scenes and I am able to turn the scenes on/off without crashing.


One oddity with the appliance module:



Being an on/off module, I don't think 40% is possible.


I realize there is likely no zwave support in mobilinc yet so I'm probably lucky it works at all. Let me know if I can be of any assistance as you get into the zwave stuff.




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Hi Xathros,


As you've seen, ZWave support is NOT in version 3.13.00 of MobiLinc. You will be get very unreliable behavior until our next release that offers support for the ZWave module.


We are currently working our ELK plug-in support with a March target to release to Apple for approval. That release will include support for the ZWave module.



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