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Door Bell


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I have an ISY-99i and am using a legacy X-10 Powerflash Interface (PF284 - Controller) and an X-10 Remote controlled chime (RSC15 - Responder) for doorbell extension.


Two questions:

1. Should these devices be added to my ISY-99i? I doubt the ISY would do anything for this system. If so, as a scene?

2. Is there a better way to do doorbell extensions?

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An ISY Program can issue X10 commands without adding X10 device definitions. The optional X10/A10 Module is required to add X10 devices to the My Lighting tree. All the X10 commands the PLM supports can be issued by an ISY Program without the optional X10/A10 Module. The optional X10/A10 Module allows reference to an X10 device by name. Insteon does not support X10 devices in Scenes.

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I do have the X-10 module installed on my ISY-99i. The question is, though, should I add the doorbell X-10 devices to my ISY, since the ISY may not offer any benefit to doing this. Or, is there a benefit to adding the devices to my ISY that I am not aware of?


Secondly, should I not use my legacy X-10 devices or use something else that would do a better job?

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No benefit I can think of. There is no hidden X10 function.


Smarthome has I/O Linc based Door Bell sensor kits that provide an Insteon message when the door bell is used. Is that useful in your environment? There is no Insteon based 'alarm' module. Some folks have hooked a piezo type buzzer to an I/O Linc Relay for a remote signal.

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