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Controlling Low Voltage Devices Such as LEDs


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Hello again,

I have an ApplianceLinc controlling some LED strips that light up my entertainment center. However, when I switch the ApplianceLinc off, the LEDs blink randomly. I am assuming this is because they are such low voltage some electricity "escapes". Is there a filter or something of the like I can put between the ApplianceLinc and the LEDs to stop this?



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Perhaps you can use the switched outlets on the back of your receiver? They shut down 100% when off, assuming you have a receiver, and you always have it on when using the system. Otherwise a wall wart or resistor. If you have a strand of dead christmas light with the pass through plug, that works well. You cut the wire and solder in a resistor and then plug it in. Since it has a pass through plug it doesn't require any other plug multipliers to still plug in your lights.

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