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Insteon 4842 motion and ISY 994i


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The Insteon address may be on a sticker on the back just below the hardware level

ex rev 2.1



The motion sensor is not added using Start Linking. If the address sticker is missing put the motion sensor into link mode with its Set button. Press the Set button on another device to create a Set button link between the two devices. Do a Show Device Links Table on the device that the motion sensor was Set button linked with. The motion sensor address would normally be the in the last active link record. Be sure to unlink the Set button link or Restore Device on the other device to get rid of the Set button link.


Once the Insteon address is known use New INSTEON Device, enter Insteon address, Name of choice and Device Type to default Auto Discover. Be sure to put the motion sensor into linking mode before clicking Ok and insure the motion sensor is in RF range of a Dual Band device.

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