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I'm going to be upgrading my furnace system and the dealer was showing me their new thermostat TZONE950AC52ZA It is basically a smart programabe controller that enables you to link to it with wifi and control your temperature and see the status of your air filter etc... I was wondering if the ISY99i would be compatible with this thermostat and be able to link with it? I have a programmable insteon thermostat but would rather go with the Trane one based on all the features it has and its integration with the trane furnace.




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Thanks Allan


I checked out the Ecobee after you mentioned it and I will hold out for that as well. After reading about the Trane thermostat and user reviews it doesn't seem like it's worth the money. I'm using an ISY99ir/Pro do you know if that would that support the ecobee product?


Best regards

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I am holding out for Ecobee integration.




Ecobee looks nice, but I don't have any faith in a company or product where you can find the products they sell and when you click on a BUY button it just takes you to the top of the page.


They don't even list pricing or products. Epic Fail.

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Yeah that is a personal pet peeve WS well. However, both Amazon and Smart home stock and sell them. I have will hold out for the next 20% off sale at smart home and buy the RMS and commercial ecobee version. No tax, free shipping, and 20% off sounds like a winner. I think Smart home does a 20% off 2x a year, but I can wait until the fall to save $150 PR more.

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And specifically, it was mentioned that UDI, has seen a lot of requests for integration of the Ecobee, which usually means it moves up the priority ladder.


I spent a lot of time emailing their engineers at EcoBee and several phone conversations with them. I do believe their API will/is very capable. While I was on the phone, they called over to their contact on the api side to verify that on the commercial thermostat I would have access to all three zones's sensors, and relays to tell which had been on for how long and to set them independent of each other.


Proof is always in the pudding, as they say, but I was encouraged enough to start ordering pieces that will never be on sale at smarthome or amazon.


Pile on and add your vote.

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