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First Time ISY User, Long Time PowerLink User


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This is day 2 since I started to replace my PowerLink with an ISY-99i.

I've linked my 20 Insteon switches set up a couple of scenes and half a dozen programs using scenes and programs which drive X-10 switches, also.

I set up four new scenes around an hour ago and there are issues with some devices not responding as I had hoped.

When I look in the Main tab I can see 15 green arrows labeled "Waiting" pointing at various elements in the tree. They have been there for over an hour now.

Is there any way to find out if the system has locked up, or if it is working as advertised, how much longer I should expect to have to wait?

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Pick one device, right click and select Write Updates to Device. When the ISY has problem communicating with a device it queues the updates. If any of the devices that have pending updates are battery RF devices they will have to be manually put into linking mode one device at a time. Putting multiple battery devices into linking mode at the same time cancel each other.

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