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How to reverse a fanlinc...


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FanLinc can't but I fully understand what he is asking.


That's a neat idea and all you need is a small DPDT relay and the Micro module. Then program a button for 'Winter' to turn on the relay.


Correct! The fanlinc itself cannot be reversed but I think the fan blade rotation can be reversed with a micro module and a relay. This could then be controlled via programs and it would appear as if the fanlinc is doing the reversing.


I read this was possible but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to do this. Anyone else know how to do this?

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There is no DC side on my AC fans. They have different windings that control starting rotation. Same with the motors on my boat lifts. No DC component. Once 'nudged' in the desired rotation direction the running winding keeps them going.

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If the fan has a reversible feature now. It maybe possible to wire the reversing switch through a relay.

If it is a straight AC Motor. You can't reverse it. As it direction is controlled by how the AC windings in the motor are wound. At the factory.

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I was searching around tonight to see if there was something I could to do to reverse my fans when using a fanlinc. I knew that this was a limitation with fanlinc and due to the way different manufactures handle the reverse setting. My fans do not have a switch, the original remotes that came with them both have a reverse button.


Anyways, while I was searching I found this part, which is a "Ceiling Fan Reversing Switch":




Obviously its for Ellington brand fans (http://www.ellingtonfans.com/), but thought perhaps it might work for other brands? It appears to just have two leads so I guess you'd connect it between the fanlinc (red wire) and the fan motor?


Anyone think this is worth a shot?



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