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KPL/SwitchLinc Version History


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Is there a post or file out there that list the version histories for various Insteon products?


Specifically, I am trying to determine how recent v5.1 of the 2486D (6-button kpl) is.


In my network, just in 6-button KPLs, I have:







and I see the current manual on the SmartHome website refers to Version 5.0+


The revision sequence does not seem all that obvious to me. I am also interested in the 8-button KPL history.



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Take a look at this link


http://www.madreporite.com/insteon/Inst ... e_list.htm


It is a collection of user supplied information.


The v.2D-v.39 are firmware levels. The revision 5.0+ refers to hardware version.



Thanks. That helps. I have a couple ancient ones. Is there a way, short of hooking it up and looking with software (like Admin Panel), is on a to determine what firmware is on a switch. For example, a 5.1 version has several firmware updates.

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