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UBE. And Ubi


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I have been spending a lot of time on kickstarter.com and came across the following 2 gadgets. Curious if anyone else has seen them or has any thoughts.


Ubi is a tiny self contained computer that seems to have some pretty cool features built in (hopefully at release will) and with an open API this might solve or offer a good solution to bringing a voice to ISY. Not only for output but for input as well. It seems to have an always open mic that listens for its name to be called and then executes the following statement. It also has motion, light, temperature and sound sensors built in so it can provide a lot of feedback as well. I purchased 2 UBIs and emailed the company as well to find out their automation thoughts if any.


UBE is a different set of devices from another company the offers dimmers and other devices. They are "Lutron" style dimmers that use wifi to communicate with each other . Some of the cool features are:

Motion sensors built into the switch, they backlight the switch when someone approaches, I would imagine they could also be accessed to use for security feedback as well.

Provide energy consumption of each device being controlled

Since the switches use a capacitive touchscreen they can be programmed for multi gesture. 1finger dim single, 2 finger dim group,etc


They are also developing other solutions as well, appliance style plugin as well as an outlet to replace existing ones.


This company also makes the API available for free.


I checked the forums and didn't see these devices mentioned anywhere else, if this has already been covered somewhere else, sorry...


Both devices look pretty cool and I hope can be integrated into ISY.





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Ube appears to be getting closer to release. They say they will be releasing their API. The switch looks pretty nice in shape and size. It has screw terminals instead of pigtails. I see that is being a little bit more of a challenge with getting the wires tucked in, but we'll see.


I am going to assume that being an IP device with a public API we should be able to control them using the network module right off.

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