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Mobilinc Pro no longer works on my iPhone 5


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I have been using Mobilinc Pro for some time but recently I got the "your subscription is out of date" or something like that. I had been using the "Connect" service evidently but found that I should still be able to connect in a direct manner.


I have done all the things I can think of or find that I should do: Updated Mobilinc Pro (v3.21.00), updated the ISY (v3.3.10), went to ML settings, set up the correct local and external IP settings and ports, made sure my router is forwarding to the ISY with the right address and ports, etc.


If I try to connect locally it seems to try to synch, downloading all of my devices, etc. but the devices do not function - i.e. I can't turn them on or off, and the status of the devices is not shown like they used to be.


If I try to connect via cell service initially it looks like it is going to sync but then I get "Connection Error. Unable to connect to destination. Please verify that airplane Mode is off." It is off and I have WiFi off to ensure using cell service.


I can connect using Safari by going to the https ip address.


I have plenty of bars and in LTE mode.


Any help/ideas?

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Have you changed the host type in ML Settings / Lighting Controller to ISY from ML Connect?



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