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Trigger program when off is hit for 2nd time


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I would like to trigger a program to run when hitting the off switch when the main load is already off on a keypad switch and dimmer.


For example, I have a keypad switch that has its main load control the stair lights to the basement. After I turn off the stair lights, if I hit the "off" again I would like to turn off all the lights in the basement.


Is this doable?



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Cool, thanks for the quick reply.


I just got the ISY hooked up last night, and I obviously still have a lot to learn.


Just to be clear what is going on in your reply:


Control 'switch' is switched Off - this is true when the KeypadLinc load is off

Status 'switch' is Off - this is true when the "off" button is being pressed on the KeypadLinc


Is that correct?

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Just the opposite. If Control statements react to commands coming from the device.


If Control 'switch' is switched Off


is looking for an Off command flowing from the device which occurs when the OFF button is pressed.


If Status 'switch' is Off


is looking at the Current State (Status) information the ISY maintains for each node.

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