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Scene not responding on KPL as it does on ISY.


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I am new to the board and to the ISY. I had this particular KPL manually programmed to run a Fanlinc on low, med, and high speeds. When I installed the ISY I removed all old links and started my setup from scratch.


I used a scene setup using 3 scenes, 1 for each speed. When I turn the scene on and off on the ISY each speed works fine and turns off the previous speed setting. When I use the KPL to activate the scene it always turns the fan speed to high. ISY shows high as well although the scene is set to execute a med or low speed command.


Any ideas way this is happening?


I have a similar issue with a KPL scene that turns on all my kitchen and family room lights. I am using the main button to turn on all lights, the light directly connected to the main is set to turn on at 0% or fully dimmed. When I execute the scene on the ISY it works fine. When I execute it on the KPL is turns the light on 100%????

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Click the Keypadlinc button node name below the Scene name and set the appropriate Responder values. It sounds like the "Scene" Responder values have been set. The "Scene" uses the PLM as the Controller. Each Insteon Controller has its own set of Responder values. By clicking the KPL node name below the Scene name the Responder values for that Controller will be displayed.

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