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Bathroom Lighting


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I have just added an insteon dimmer to one of the master bathroom lights. In addition to the local switch, the light is also controlled by two Remotelinc 2440's which are kept at bedside.


Is it possible to have the lights come on at a lower level between the hours of, let's say, 12am to 6am when controlled by one of the 2440"s? In other words, if the light normally goes on at 65%, how would I program the light to go on at 30% between the above hours ONLY when switched on by one of the 2440's?


Any ideas would be helpful.



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Use the Adjust Scene statement to change the Scene Responder On Level



From 12:01 AM

To 6 AM (same day)


Adjust Scene ‘In Scene=RL2 button’ ‘Set=SwitchLinc’ 30% (On Level)


Adjust Scene ‘In Scene=RL2 button’ ‘Set=SwitchLinc’ 65% (On Level)

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FYI, I have issues with a dimmer used in a bathroom. After several years, the unit went dead, exercising the air gap (pulling out the set button) will bring it back, usually for several months before having to do it again. My guess is the humidity is creating some corrosion in the contacts.

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Post the actual Program. Right click the Program name, select Copy to Clipboard, paste into forum post.


Adjust Scene does not turn On the load. It sets the Responder On Level for when the respective Controller identified in the Adjust Scene turns On the load. The described results do not match the function of an Adjust Scene. Make sure there is not a pending Save for the Program.

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The adjust scene didn't work. It merely turned on the lights at 30% at midnight. It didn't change the brightness when I wanted to turn on the lights.


Any other ideas?



Then you used the wrong names of scenes/devices. You have a scene that is controlled by the 2440's and includes the swtichlinc as a responder. The first part is the name of the scene controlled by the 2440's and the second part is the device that carries the load to the light and is a responder to that scene.


Adjust Scene ‘put the name of scene that has 2440's as controllers and load switch as responder(or controller/responder)’ ‘Set put the name of the switchlinc that is the responder(or controller/responder) to that scene and carries the load’ 30% (On Level)

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"Adjust Scene ‘put the name of scene that has 2440's as controllers and load switch as responder(or controller/responder)’"


That is the right answer when using the ISY Scene name. Unfortunately that is the wrong answer for the OP as the ISY Scene name is not what is being used in this case. The RL2 button is the Controller and that is the name that has to be entered into "In Scene" parameter.


Also, regardless of what was entered into an Adjust Scene parameter the Adjust Scene statement does not turn On the load.


That is why we need to see the actual Program posted.

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