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Switchlinc LED suddenly very dim when on.


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I have several switchlincs (v.41 dual band, about two months old) controlling my kitchen lights (linked together in a scene). I just noticed tonight that the LEDs for all 3 of them are very dim (barely noticeable) when on. I have other "multi-way" switchlincs in scenes for other lights like my living room and they are fine.


I checked the LED On Level setting for all of the kitchen switches and it says "0". But it's the same (zero) for the living room switches and they are normal brightness when on (just a bit dimmer than when off, but still very perceptable).


Anyway, I manually set the LED On Level setting in the ISY software for my 3 kitchen switches to 40 and it seems to have made them the same brightness (when on) as the other switchlincs in the house when they are on. But none of the others require any special override of the LED On Level setting.


I even tried a Restore Device operation from inside the ISY software but the problem persists if the LED On Level is set to zero.


Any ideas what might be causing this?




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The firmware is .41 which I believe is relatively current and supports brightness. Also, as I mentioned, I was able to set the brightness in the ISY and the LED did get brighter. I just never needed to do this before and other switchlincs I have with the same firmware version are not experiencing the problem.

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Change the brightness to something like 50. Than after that has been applied, go change it back to 0. The ISY will not send changes if it believes they match the current values.



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Thanks. I have it set to 40 currently and the LED brightness (both off and on) matches my other switchlincs. So I set it back to zero and the LED went dim again (both off and on states). Set it back to 40 and it looks normal again.


It's also strange that it has this problem for all three switches for the kitchen lights, so it can't be a hardware issue. Could it be related to the scene they are all in? I made a scene and put them all in it so they would all control the kitchen lights and that part works fine.

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Hmmm... Ok, thanks. Not sure what's going on with these three switches then. They're the only ones in my entire house that need to have the LED Brightness set explicitly. And this just started recently. When I installed them a month or so ago, they were fine and I hadn't updated anything in the ISY when I noticed the problem started.

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