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Problem with 8-Button KeypadLinc


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Hello. I'm having a problem with a KeypadLinc I recently installed. I placed an 8-Button Dimmer (2334-2 V .43) on my wife's nightstand. I linked and programmed one of the buttons (G) to an ApplianceLinc to control her table light. This has worked reliably.


My problem is when I try and use another button to control a device connected to my Elk security panel. Here is the program I use:



Control 'Dar Keypad F' is switched On


Set Elk Audio 'Master Bedroom' 'ITouch' Volume Up


- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')



When I press the "F" key it doesn't do anything. When I push the "F" key again (typically) it makes a long beep sound and then the entire keypad stops working. Sometimes not on the second press of the "F' key but eventually it happens. I then have to reset the keypad and re-link it. Either my program is screwing this keypad up or it's defective.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I am unaware of anything that any program (or any other ability of the ISY) can do that would cause a keypad to emit a long beep and then to stop working. If you wanted to be sure, you could disable or delete the program and see if this solves the problem.


Another thing I would do is watch the event viewer when pressing the F button. Does the ISY see it?


Loose wire? My guess at this point is faulty device.

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