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Learning to add programs


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Good afternoon,


Although I have had my ISY for quite awhile the only program I have ever done is a generic one that turns on or off lights at a certain time. I would like to have one that will turn on a scene when I enter the garage. I can't seem to get it to actually turn the scene on. I can see that it is running and can see that it makes it to the else line (in summary can see it waiting), but the scene never turns on. I have poked around but have no idea what I am doing wrong, although I imagine it is quite obvious. Could someone take a look?


       Elk Zone 'ML Garage Door 1' is Violated
    Or Elk Zone 'ML Garage Door 2' is Violated
    Or Elk Zone 'ML Garage Door 3' is Violated
    Or Elk Zone 'ML Garage Entry' is Violated

       Set Scene 'ML Garage Ceiling' On

       Wait  10 minutes 
       Set Scene 'ML Garage Ceiling' Fast Off

Turns the garage ceiling lights on for ten minutes of any of the garage doors or the garage entry door is opened.



Thank you...ct

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I would manually do a "run then" and see if the light turns on. That would clear up any comm issues as the prob or mis-labeled/created scenes.


Then I would start with all doors secure, then open a door and leave it open and then check ISY admin console to see if the last run time was at that time and that it ran "true". If a door opens, it should violate which should trigger the program and it should be true and the light should turn on. If the program didn't run true, check the ISY admin console to see what status it thinks the open door is in.

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