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ISY994i and Keypadlinc 2487S programming questions


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Hi All,

Just got into Insteon and have a few switches and an ISY installed. I am trying to figure out how to assign the A-D buttons on my KPL to control other Insteon switches. I'm sure this is a really easy question to answer, but I'm having a hard time finding a decent tutorial on it. Here is what I have so far:


The KPL is cross linked to a 2477D (these replaced an existing 3 way switch in our hallway).

I have a 2 wire insteon dimmer (2474DWH) in another room that I'd like to turn on when someone presses the "A" button on the KPL. When they press A again, the 2474DWH device will turn off.


Would anyone be willing to post the correct steps to accomplish this? I thought I had it earlier - I created a new scene and added the "A" button and the 2474 to it. A was the controller and 2474 was the receiver. I wrote everything to the devices and when I wen to the KPL it was off. I pressed A and the lights turned on as I had hoped. However, when I pressed A again, they went off, but then the KPL flashed a couple times, and lit the "on" button and then was unresponsive for a bit. I tried it a few times and each time it seemed to turn the lights on when I pressed A, but then freaked out when I pressed A again. I have factory reset the KPL and re-added it to the ISY.


Not sure what I'm missing...




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Was the cross linking of the KPL and the 2477D done with an ISY Scene or done manually with Set button linking?


If done manually the ISY is not aware of these links and will overlay or delete them at some point. All linking must be done with an ISY Scene.


Secondary KPL button A and the 2 wire dimmer should be added to an ISY Scene as Controllers.


How many times does button A blink when pressed to turn Off the 2 wire dimmer?


If button A blinks twice it is in non-toggle On mode since the button LED remains On. If it blinks more than twice it indicates a comm problem with the 2 wire dimmer.


What type of load and what is the wattage of the load being controlled by the 2 wire dimmer?

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