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Integrating a Gate Opener into ISY994i/Insteon Home Network


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I recently installed a new driveway entry gate with an Estate Swing gate opener that I would like to integrate into my ISY994i network. The gate opener is powered by battery/solar and I do not have an electrical outlet near gate opener panel box (so I cannot use an I/O linc).


Is there a wireless device (insteon, x-10, z-wave, dakota, etc) that can be connected to the gate opener control board that will work wirelessly 50-75 feet away to the house, so that I may somehow integrate the gate operation into my ISY994i/Insteon network?


Thanks for any suggestions!

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How far from the gate is the nearest AC source where you could install an IOLinc? I don't think you will find a battery operated device that will work for this.



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By integrate, do you mean to


-insteon ability to sense when the gate is open

-open and close the gate with insteon



If the first, then techman's solution may work for you.


If the second or third, then I agree with xathros. However, is there a possibility for you to extract 120VAC from the solar battery system? (I doubt it, but this may offer an option to consider).

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Closest power source is 50-75' away where I currently have an I/Olinc that controls a dakota alert motion sensor which is also located at the gate site.


I was looking to control/operate the gate to open/close within the Insteon Network. I can view the gate's status with a security camera.

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Connecting the I/OLinc relay to a remote. Is one way some have had to control garage door openers. That have electronic type controls. It should work with a gate remote control also.


Just set the I/OLincs relay to pulsed output so it does not stay On until commanded Off.

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So thinking outside the box here, what about a Pi with a wireless dongle or a cai with a wireless access point? They could likely be set up to hook to the battery with a proper adapter for voltage so they could run with no power, communicate with wifi to use the rest interface, etc.


My Pi has been pretty darn stable with the perl module and I have some code in there to run shell scripts when certain variables change in value.


The cai I suspect would be easier, but the pi is more flexible.



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