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2420M Motion Sensor as Scene Controller, Ramp Rates & On Lvl


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Hey all!


Scratching my head on what to do. I got tried of my 2420M Motion Sensors taking so long to turn on lights by using the IF Control Motion Sensor ON THEN Turn Lights On. So I created a scene tossed my light switch and motion sensor in there as controllers.


Now I get that great response time I was looking for however I have noticed that my programming to set Ramp Rate and On Level at night is not taking effect. My goal is that the motion sensor should turn on the light at full during the day but only 50% at night.


Is that possible or do I have to go back to the slow method?

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I see no reason why setting the ramp rate and ON levels could not be done independently, by a program. One thing to watch out for is to be sure to set the ON levels and ramp rates based upon which controller(s) you intend. Make sure you are setting the ramp rate for the motion sensor as controller, and not just the switch, or the scene level.

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