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Dimmer Remember Level


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I am a NOOB, I apologize in advance for stupid questions.

I would like my dimmers to remember the last dimmer level and use that as the default level.

How do I accomplish this?


I cannot find in the programming how to read the level to store it. Or how to programatically change it.


Help... thanks.



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Suggest looking at the User Guide for the Dimmer. Here is what the SwitchLinc Dimmer will do with Local On Level.


Local On-Level

Default = 100% (fixed brightness) The local on-level is the brightness that SwitchLinc’s connected load will come on when turned on at SwitchLinc paddle. Local on-level can be set to any one of 32 fixed brightness levels (3% to 100%) or “resume bright†(brightness prior to last being turned off).

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To set local on level to a fixed brightness level

1) Adjust SwitchLinc to desired brightness when controlled locally

2) Tap Set button

SwitchLinc will beep

3) Test by turning SwitchLinc off and then back on (via the paddle)



SwitchLinc will turn on to new local on-level

To set local on level to the brightness level prior to being turned off

1) Turn SwitchLinc off

2) Tap Set button

SwitchLinc will beep

3) Test:

a. Brighten SwitchLinc to a random brightness level (e.g. 75%)

b. Turn SwitchLinc off

c. Turn SwitchLinc back on

Light will turn on at the defined brightness level

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