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Can my isy994i control an EZIO device without a second PLM


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I am confused about the references that the EZIO2x4 requires a PLM. I currently have my isy and a PLM controlling Insteon and X10 devices. However, it looks like the EZIO may require its own PLM? I am hoping that set up is only required for some special setup and I hope (lots of hoping going on) that I can use the PLM I am using with my ISY for a while to do that setup?


The best news would be for the ISY to recognize the EZIO and be able to read the inputs and control the outputs with it's existing PLM...


Any clarification would help about PLMs and EZIO!





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As with all Insteon devices the EZIOxxx family of devices has a PLM. As with other Insteon devices the PLM is internal to the device. The exception is the EZIO8SA. This device has enough function that a PLM will not fit internally so an external PLM such as the ISY uses is required.


Specifically the EZIO2X4 can be added to the ISY as is. The four EZIO2X4 Inputs work without additional software setup. However, there is a timer associated with each of the two EZIO2X4 outputs which could be needed for the specific implementation. For example, the EZIO2X4 outputs can control garage door openers. In this situation the timers would be set for approx 2 seconds to simulate a manual door opener button press. The ISY does not support setting these timers. The Simplehomenet Utility Suite (free download from Simplehomenet/Smartenit web site) sets these timers. The Utility Suite uses a PLM, just as the ISY does, to communicate with the Simplehomenet/Smartenit devices. The ISY PLM can be used for this activity if the PC has a Serial port.

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