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KPL Cross Linking Issue


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I recently added a ISY to an existing Insteon network. I added ISY scenes involving KPLs and while the devices respond properly to the KPL button pushes, the KPL button lights do not follow changes made remotely through the ISY.


For example:


- A lamp is plugged into a LampLinc.

- Lamp is controlled by two different KPLs.

- Lamp responds properly to both KPLs, and KPLs show proper device status.

- A "Lamp" scene was created in the ISY with the two KPLs as Controllers and the LampLinc as a Responder.


Problem: The button lights on the KPLs do not respond when the Lamp is turned on or off through the Administrative Console or MobiLinc.


The Membership for the KPLs say the KPL "Is Controller for Lamp" and "Is Responder to Lamp"


Any thoughts?

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Controlling an individual device with the Admin Console or MobiLinc does not have affect on other devices that may be linked to the device. Turn the Scene that contains the KPL buttons and LampLinc On/Off. Also note that the LampLinc should be a Controller in that Scene. The LampLinc has load sense such that if the lamp is manually controlled the LampLinc will turn On/Off in response. The LampLinc turning On/Off in response to the lamp being manually controlled will turn the KPL buttons On/Off if the LampLinc is a Controller in the Scene.

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Controlling an individual device with Direct commands has no affect on any linked device. Turn the Scene On/Off if you want all the Scene devices to stay in sync. Insteon allows an individual device to be controlled with Direct commands which has an effect on that specific device only or control a Scene the device participates in and all the devices in the Scene stay in sync.


You can write an ISY Program that monitors what happens to the LampLinc with Direct commands and perform whatever other actions you want to perform. However, this is outside of normal Insteon activity. Direct commands control an individual device, Scene commands affect all the devices in the Scene.

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