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Question/issue with dimmers and isy 944i


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Recently bought everything and have everything working great except one issue. I have 2 insteon dimmers that are in the wrong places(remodel) I need the one dimmer(controller) to control the other dimmers load(responder) and that one to control the first dimmers load. I managed to get them to control the other dimmer but they still also control their own switchleg(responder). Is it possible to have an insteon dimmer not control its own light?

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You should be able to achieve what you want by adding 2 Micro Dimmers (2442-222) to your system:


- Remove the Load wire of both SwitchLincs (cap it and leave it)

- Add a Micro Dimmer in each box, connected to the Load of the light (and hot/neutral/ground as appropriate)

- Configure the switchlincs in scenes such that they control the Micro Dimmer in the other box


With this setup, you lose hard control of the lights (they will only be controllable via Insteon commands) if that is an issue for you.


The same effect could be achieved with In-LineLinc Dimmers (2475D) or Bulbs (2672-222 or 2674-222) instead of the Micro Dimmers if those alternates are more appropriate/usable in your house.

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Well that sucks. Is there a dimmer controller that has no responder in it? 2/3rds of my switches are 3 or 4way and don't use the dimmer part only the actual switch. My kitchen has 5 switches controlling one light(5 ways in to the kitchen) so only one controller needs the dimmer responder. Seems rediculous to pay all that money for a 600w dimmer responder part that will never be used. It would be great to just buy a bunch of controller only switches.

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I have not seen any controller only Insteon module and knowing Smartlabs. Would not be very much cheaper than one with a load control.

Even the six or eight button KeypadLincs have a local load function.

In the earlier days. There was the Icon line of Insteon modules. They had less functions and still controlled a load but where cheaper cost wise. They could control your main Insteon module just fine.


Not a real good solution but you could wire around some of the switches. Then use RemoteLinc 2 remotes in a optional frame. Mounted in the switch boxes. That would still be close to $50 ea and have to be periodically charged.

http://www.smarthome.com/2342-242/INSTE ... tch/p.aspx

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Where have you found relay switches cheaper than dimmers? I always thought it was weird that a relay switch isn't cheaper than a dimmer, which kinda sucks since I have cfl's and can't use dimmers anywhere. I fact I've seen dimmers cheaper than the relays at times. Possibly due to volume/popularity?


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Most I have purchased direct from Smarthome. I could be wrong, but I remember the relays being on the order of $10 cheaper than the dimmers. I haven't bought any in a while however. I have been buying SLDs recently and replacing older TLRs where I wanted dimmers then re-purposing the older TLRs.



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I've been buying off eBay as the initial cost of all new switches $50 each on sale is just too much. I looked at the wireing and I am just goin to rewire the switch legs so it works right with no additional costs. Was just hopeing I'd save some time doing it in software. I'm an electrician so it's not a big deal. Will just take some time down in the crawl space :(

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