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Accessing Folders/Programs via REST


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I have my programs in ISY organized in a folder structure like this:


My Programs

Program Folder A (name with spaces)

Program Subfolder A (name with spaces)



I can make a call successfully like this:




The url returns a list of the top level programs and folders after login.


I can also make the following call successfully:




The url returns all the programs and folders in icy


What I can't do without getting a 404 error is this:


https:/rest/programs/My Programs


I've tried the possibilities:





https:/rest/programs/"My Programs"


All to no avail.


What am I doing wrong? The documentation doesn't seem to cover this. (Page 57 for v4.0.5)


404 errors are invalid reference errors (e.g. dead link, bad link reference)

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Thanks everyone. LeeG, thanks for the pointer about running on Windows. I tried the same reference to /rest/programs in Firefox and obtained more complete information. I'll bet others were scratching their head about what I was talking about!


Takeaway: Don't use Safari for communicating with the REST interface interactively on a Mac.

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