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ISY Admin Console Window Display.


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The following was received from Jim regarding the ISY Administrative Console window displaying with black areas:


Hi again Michel,


I thought I would drag this issue up again to tell what I have found.


To remind you, I have been having issues with darkened areas of the console window when in use. I have been trying various things to resolve and I think I have found the problem. As I told you I am using a Viewsonic VX2235wm with a ATI Radeon Xpress 200 card on HP a1310n desktop. The problem tended to show up when I had multiple windows open.


This monitor is a widescreen with recommended resolution setting of 1680X1050. After trying many other adjustments I decided that the screen resolution must be involved in the problem. I tried several different settings and I am now using 1600X1200, and it seems to have resolved the issue. I have opened 8 other windows and the dark areas do not appear again. While this is not the recommended resolution it seems to work OK. If you have other customers with similar problems maybe this will help.


Thanks again




Thanks so much for sharing, Jim!

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