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Mobilinc Pro or HD


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I'm pretty new to Insteon and have so far bought 6 switchlinks and the iSY994i Pro for the start. Everything works great irl, over the web/admin console and the MobiLink Lite app. I have iPhones and iPads and have seen this question asked many times, but never really answered. I'm trying to decide between Mobilinc Pro or HD. Is the only difference between them the user interface on the iPad? +$30 extra for the big pictures of devices in HD? I can get excited seeing big real pictures of switchlinks and sensors, but hardly my wife. Can the HD version display the listed Pro view on larger screen size, or is it hardware picture list only? Any other benefits of the HD version?

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HD is a universal app. Pro is phone only.

Yes, but both would still work on the iPad.


I'm just wondering if the only difference is that the HD is using the full retina display? Are there any other differences? Can the HD app display the listed view as the Pro app?

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I have the HD version and use it on both the iPhone and iPad. On the iPhone - devices, scenes and programs appear exactly like the Pro version, in list form. On the iPad - they appear as icons, just as displayed in the App Store.


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