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Newbee ? about modem


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Ok I want to apologize right up front for this newbee question. I had made an attempt to search for the answer but have not found a similar topic.

I own several Insteon devices (just starting out) and the UD ISY-994i/IR Pro. Its communicating on my network utilizing an INSTEON Dual-Band PLM serial modem (PowerLinc Modem 2413S). Do I need to add the modem as a device in the ISY's control structure? I am supplying power to the ISY independent of the PLM if that matters(?).

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Thanks for the quick reply. I should have originally noted that the ISY is working and communicating with the small number of devices I currently have. I just did not see the modem in the list of devices and though perhaps it needed to be present.


I am working my way through all the documentation as we speak (post).


Thanks again


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