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994i migration


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My Insteon devices are aging and starting to fail, which is getting to be an increasing issue since I can't buy new ones with to replace them with the ISY-26 I have. I tried buying used Controlincs, but one came without the Insteon ID sticker (is there any other way to figure it out?) and one apparently worked initially but failed within a couple of hours in the same manner as my other ones so I'm ready to give up on them and go with keypads). I'm almost tempted to use the Smarthome coupon to get a new ISY/PLM setup. I just control lights, I have absolutely no interest in temperature control, energy monitoring, IR, etc. I presume I want the regular non-pro, non-IR model. Does creating scenes and programs work the same way as the 26? Does the mobillinc app and remote access just work, or is it complicated to set up? Does it work to have both of them operational at the same time during the transition period?

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You mean the X10SC503 that was a ControLinc with the labels removed?


Manually link the ControlLinc to a module in your system.

In diagnostics Show device Link Tables.

Then do a compare and see the added links ID.

You could then rewrite the devices link table and it should remove the unknown link from the ControLinc added to the module.

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I don't have a "show device links" option. Is this someplace else on the 26 as opposed to the 99? I do suspect that the second unit works though, because it can control the module like it's supposed to when direct linked.


EDIT Actually my "bad" devices work properly when tap linked, just not when linked through the ISY. So I wonder if my problem is something other than bad Controlincs?

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