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Snap Switch for Windows 8 phone


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I have recently discovered this application ($9.99) for Windows Phone 8 and it works very well with an ISY994.

I have found the voice command feature to be especially useful. Depress the "windows button" for several seconds, and a voice processing program appears. Say something like "switch office lights on" and the SnapSwitch program looks for "office lights" device and switches it "on". The voice processing can also command programs to run - like "switch run video on" - running the "video on" program. The first word "switch" invokes the SnapSwitch program to process the rest of the voice command.

There is also an interface to manually manipulate scenes/devices/programs.

(I am using a Nokia Lumia 520 phone).

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I also purchased the app and it works great, I'm using with a Lumia 822   and snap switch has a very nice layout and buttons an is quick to start up.  Please keep up the good work with updates and new features.

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