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2334-232 Keypad Dimmer and ISY99i


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I just installed a KPL6 2334-232 Keypad Dimmer, and find that my ISY99i is calling it a 2334-2 KeypadLinc Dimmer 5 Buttons. Looking around a bit, I get the feeling I need to get a ISY994i to support this device. Is that correct? I was under the mis-impression that I didn't need a new ISY994i unless I wanted some new capabilities, and the 99i could support all the various devices. I have a feeling I was wrong about that, but could someone confirm?




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After I set it up on the ISY, it only shows as one node in the table, which operates correctly on the light that is hardwired as the load on the switch. I don't see the four A-B-C-D notes to use for scenes. though, which of course were the main reason for the KPL...

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