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Status on Home Security integration beyond ELK


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Just wondering if there still is a plan to integrate other home security systems other then ELK . There were promises about DSC and Honywell in the past.

I am at the point of replacing my home security system and would really like to integrate directly into ISY (mostly react on security systems states - e.g. not turn AC on if window is open etc)


I would like a wireless system (for easy of deployment) so DSC and Honeywell are clear options - ELK less so.

The alternative is z-wave integration using 2GIG and Simon Xti, and then have ISY be a parallel Zwave controller - not sure how successful people have been with this sofar.


Any update/suggestion


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I also did some R&D on security system integration options. Elk seemed the only viable option to me.


Elk has a wireless expander for GE or Honeywell components if you don't want to use the Elk sensors. I'm using Honeywell wireless components with my Elk M1.


So far the integration with the Elk add-on module for the ISY is going well.

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