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Is upgrading from 99ir to 994 ir PRO worth it?

Jay M

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What I love about the 99i is that I almost never think about it, it just sits in the entertainment center under a pile of cables and dust, and does it's job every day.


For some reason, I can't figure out how to update the firmware, so half of the insteon devices are fully supported.


My house is small, so I'll never have an enormous Insteon install, but almost every switch in the house plus a few relays and lamp links are installed.


Right now I have less than 40 devices, and I can't imagine ever having more than a dozen more.


My needs are simple.

-I want reliable timers

-macros or scenes where one button push sets any or all the devices to a desired state

-IR to insteon so my TV remote can dim the lights for a movie

-iPhone integration would be nice

-simple programs to make the garage and other lights go on or off based on other actions.


So for me, do I need to spend $350?

If not, is there a more robust way to update the firmware on my 99ir? the Java interface through the network doesn't work.




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Two facts of the platform:


The 99i has limited memory, and cannot run 4.x and later firmware. Its like trying to run Windows Vista on a 2000 era PC. Just not going to work.


There are newer devices that require 4.x and later firmware.


Ergo, If you want to use a device that needs 4.x or later firmware, then you need to upgrade to a 994i.


I know they were at one point offering a trade in deal - though that may have expired now. It was quite a while ago.

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Jay M-


If you look at the bottom of the UDI sales page, you will find the ISY994 available as an upgrade for $129.00




As stated above, if you have any of the addon modules (Pro, Networking, Climate etc.) they can be transferred to the new 994 at no extra charge.



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