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The Geosensing and geofencing aspects are quite interesting, especially the "I'm almost home" aspect. That's one of the most difficult things to accomplish reliably.


I looked at it but wasn't interested. The primary reason is that is iOS only and I prefer the more software-flexible Android platform. The other primary problem is it's "cloud based". I have zero interest in making it easy for the the internet hackers have full control of my house especially because my security system is integrated with my HA. I keep my ISY and security system isolated from the internet and even within with my local LAN.


It's also worth noting it supports Insteon but not ISY. So you would have another controller in the mix to complicate things and they would have zero knowledge about what the other is doing. I'm looking at HomeSeer as an additional controller but there's a plugin to tie them together rather than two ships passing in the night.


Also, while it supports Insteon but only a handful of devices which don't include the thermostats, IOlinc and Fanlinc. Nest users will also be saddened to learn that while the Nest is included in the images on the website it actually isn't supported, yet.

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I also was most interested in the geosensing for an "almost home" which I'd love to use to set my thermostat if it actually works as advertised. As far as Android "We plan to have it released in Q1/Q2 of 2014."


I don't plan to get one at this time but would also be curious to hear more about it if anyone else tries it out.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have to agree that it doesn't look like a good fit for me either. There are some interesting features but another controller would be a major headache.


The Sonos and HUE integration is very appealing. I long for the day we have that with ISY.

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Sonos, Hue, tons of radios for wireless technologies; These are awesome features to have. I also thought about this as an option but I really don't need the extra capacity as I am mostly insteon with some z-wave at this point. All of which ISY handles pretty well, even in beta.


Also, they are being secretive about their extra 3 radios that are installed for whatever reason. I want to know exactly what I am buying when making a purchase like this, not disclosing the technology of those 3 radios is shady at best, as far as I'm concerned.

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