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New KPL Issue with LED


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After spending a large amount of time trying to get a KPL button/LED and Garage Door control (tons of ways to configure, but none seemed to work), I went back to the basics.


Long story short, I read that one way to get a secondary KPL button LED on is to create a scene with the secondary LED button as a responder and turn on. I attempted this and it failed to work. I repeated process with a KPL I purchased (about a year ago) and was it was successful in turning the secondary LED on.


Thus, it leads me to believe, the KPL I just purchased (the one that fails to turn on the LED) must have a newer firmware? anyone else have this issue? Ways to turn on LED without physically pressing button?

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The scene test failed. So I pulled out the set button, waited 5 seconds, push back in and held set button down until long beep stopped (factory reset). Restore device and tested the scene again.


Worked! Tested turning on the LED with the scene and LED is now on - Working !!


Thank You LeeG !!

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