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Locked Out


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I tried to log in to my ISY 994i this morning and it won't accept my credentials any longer. The device is up and working (as I can get in to the non-admin section).


Admin login fails.


I have rebooted and tried again, still fails.


I'm 100% confident that I'm using the correct username and password as I have never changed them.


How do I restore this or get past the log in screen? Please let me know.



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The following is from the UDI Wiki page. Hope this helps



Reset Userid/Password to admin/admin

1. Use a sharp object to push in the Reset Button till the RX, TX, Mem, Error lights start blinking (every second)

2. Hold for 5 seconds till the RX, TX, Mem, Error lights turn on/off consecutively (RX -> Tx -> Mem -> Error)

3. Release

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