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MobiLinc and Foscam Camera - Help Needed


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I wanted to start a new thread as I sort of hijacked the other read (MobiLinc Version Upgrade Thread).


I'm still having trouble getting anything going with this camera (Foscam FI9821W V2).


While on the .18 firmware, I can get a picture under profile 5 on the RTSP and Pan/Tilt/Zoom screens. However, I get no ability to Pan/Tilt. I move the little "joystick" around, and get no action.


Upon upgrading to the newest firmware (, I get no picture on any of the MobiLinc camera setup pages, under any profile.


Foscam's support told me not to upgrade to the newest ( because they are having some bugs with it, but to leave the .18 version.


Has anyone gotten a FI9821W V2 to work with MobiliLinc? Anything else I should try or troubleshoot?

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Hi KHouse,


One other thing to check is to make sure you are using the camera's Administrator account in the MobiLinc settings for your camera. If you are using a user account (as defined by the FOSCAM user setup page), these accounts usually don't have Pan/Tilt privileges.



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Thanks Wes. I've confirmed it is set as Administrator. The camera is viewable and controllable from the Foscam app, but after trying everything possible I cannot get it going on MobiLinc. Has it been confirmed that anyone has gotten the V2 to work on MobiLinc?



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Just to close the loop on this for anyone following along, the FI9821W V2 works in MobiLinc with the following settings:


Camera Type: FOSCAM or FOSCAM Variant

RTSP Profile 5 or 6 (Requires the RTSP Port in the setup screen. Usually the same port as the HTTP port).

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Profile 5.



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I’m trying to develop the road map on this subject (ISY9941 pro controlling several F9821 Foscams)

What I want is to have my ISY send commands to a number of Foscam cams to have them reposition to a new point of interest.


So far I think the correct path is UD (Portal Integration - Mobilinc module to Mobilinc) product??, in turn Mobilinc to send generate commands for the Foscam FI9821 series products over my LAN. 


Having spent some time learning the ISY994i and developing several projects and having successfully installed a number of Foscam FI9821's with FTP video recording to my PC, I'm ready to tackle sending locations from my motion detectors to reposition the Foscams for my security system.


My questions are:

Is the  UD Mobilinc module to Mobilinc product the right one?


Right now I need to investigate Mobilinc. Can anybody give me a push in the right direction with Mobilinc?  Any product numbers on options I should know about?


I'm stuck with Foscam, however think others are having success using the F9821 cams, is there any other FOSCAM modules I need?


Once I have the correct map I can teach myself the rest. I just don't want to waste time when other folks have already learned the lessons.


Thanks in advance


Es1400, retired Lockheed engineer…  

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You don't need mobilinc, I do this by sending commands to the camera from the ISY with the network module. I think the info is already in a forum post, but if you can't find it I will post the info when I'm at my computer. But if you have more questions, you should create a new post.


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1. Get the Network Module for the ISY994.

2. Define your locations using the Foscam UI.

3. Use Network Resources in the ISY994 to send a command like this:


GET /cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=ptzGotoPresetPoint&name=Home&usr=user&pwd=password HTTP/1.1

Host: xx.xx.xx.xx:port
User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0
Connection: Close
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
where "name=" is the defined location, "usr=" is your user name, "pwd=" is your password. You also need to substitute your IP address and port# of the camera. The command above moves the camera to point to the "Home" position. This is for the HD cameras.
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