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Scene not working


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994i v 4.0.5

switch #1: 2477D rev. 6.5

switch #2: 2477D rev. 7.4


Hi, I noticed the other day that my three way kitchen scene was unresponsive, so I went ahead and replaced first one, then both switches. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work again. I added them to the lighting network, but I cannot create a scene. Here is where I am at:


[list=]I performed a factory reset on both switches.

One switch is working locally (Kitchen MAIN), the other one is not (Kitchen SEC)

I can control Kitchen MAIN via the ISY, but I cannot control the other Kitchen SEC (the ISY puts an exclamation mark in front of it and tells me it cannot communicate with the switch (this is a brand new switch). When I disable and re-enable it shows up without an exclamation mark; the moment I try a command in the ISY it gives me the communication error)

I also tried a scene with Kitchen MAIN, but I while I can control the switch through ISY the scene is unresponsive.


I am wondering if the initial wiring was done incorrectly; however, oddly enough I never had a problem for the past two years after doing the initial set up.

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When you say that one is working locally but the other is not, are you saying that you the switch fails to respond to the button presses? If so, I tend to think wiring problems or failed device.


Does the LED light stay on constantly, or does it ever go off? Which switch powers a fixture, if any?


My first instinct is to check to make sure that I have the line (black) connected to the constant hot supply, and not the load (red).

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