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Need some help with automated drapery control programming


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I'm a little confused, OK, a lot confused. I read the thread about drapery controls but had some trouble following it. I am operating two sets of drapes that I open in the AM and close in the PM at different times as a way to make the house look occupied when I am gone. Of course, I am also switching lights on and off as well.


The equipment that I am using for the drapes control is:


1. A drapery controller, Smarthome #3142. When power is applied, the motor will turn until one of the two built in limit switches stops the motor. At this point, power must be removed and the motor leads are reversed by the action of the limit switch. The next time power is applied, the motor will turn in the opposite direction till reaching the second limit switch. Again remove power to reset and reverse the direction. The direction of the motor is not reversed if power is removed while the motor is turning. Only the limit switches will reverse the direction of travel.


2. An Insteon Appliance Linc to apply and remove power to the drapery controller.


3. An ISY 26 controller


4. A ControLinc #2430 to manually open or close the drapes


For the last couple of years, I have used the ControLinc to manually operate the drapes, and a PowerLinc #2414U as a programable controller. With the purchase of my ISY 26, the PowerLinc has been retired.


The system works great using the ISY 26 as the programable controller and operating the drapes according to sunrise, sunset and time offsets. The fly in the ointment is when my spouse or daughter decides that the drapes should be either open or closed at a time other than the scheduled time and pushes the button on the ControLinc to operate the drapes prior to the programmed time, That throws the drape sequence out of kilter. With the drapes then opening at night and closing in the AM which is NOT the desired action.


Unfortunately, there is no feed back from the drapery controller as to whether or not the drapes are open or closed. The only feedback is whether or not the ApplianceLinc is on or off.


I suspect that one of the things I could do is write a program(s) in the ISY 26 that would set a flag as to whether or not the drapes are open or closed and then another program(s) that would provide both automated operation (by time of day) and manual operation (The ControLinc) and would prevent the one from confusing the other by, I assume, using a flag setting program. However, I seem to be having some problems trying to understand how to integrate these concepts and would really appreciate some suggestions on how to accomplish this in the most fail proof way.



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I'm assuming that the thread you are referring to was the one posted by Tracy. http://www.forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=1359&highlight=drapes


From what I understand, the difference in your setups is that Tracy was using KPL's to manually activate his drapes, whereas you are using a Controlinc.


Controlincs are, from my understanding, send only devices. They really can't be queried and should be used as "control" devices in your programs.


I'm not quite sure how you are using your controlinc to activate your drapes (non-toggle= on/on or toggle on/off). It would really help if you could post your code.


It sound as if you need a "status Program" to indicate whether your controlinc has opened/closed the drapes unbenownst to your timer program.


Stealing from Tracy's post (shameless plagiarism), the following program would open/close your drapes in response to successive "ON" presses from the controlinc. Your timer routines can then "test" the status of this program to determine whether your drapes are open or closed (true = open, false = closed).



Program "drapes open"

       Control 'SWITLINC RELAY DRAPE' is switched On
   And Program 'Drapes Open' is False

  Turn Drape appliancelinc ON
  Wait 19 seconds
  Turn Drape appliancelinc off

  Turn Drape appliancelinc ON
  Wait 19 seconds
  Turn Drape appliancelinc off



Morning Schedule

If Time is [i][b]morning[/b][/i]
and Program "Drapes open" is false

 "open drapes"


Night Schedule

If Time is [i][b]night[/b][/i]
and Program "Drapes open" is true

 "close drapes"


Note that the above will not prevent your "loved ones" from stopping the drapes in mid travel (half open). This state would be indeterminate (and very likely given my "loved ones").


Hope this helps,


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