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ISY 994i in safe mode


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I have a 994i in safe mode. It appears my 2413s has stopped working. Unfortunately this happened while I am away from home. It seems my smart house is smart enough to know when I am going to leave for a while and decides that is a good time to fail :( . I had someone go over there and unplug the plm for 30 seconds and plug it back in and this didn't solve any problems. I'm guessing that I just need to order a new plm. But I was experiencing some other problems before this happened and I am wondering if they might be related. I have some programs that change the on levels of togglelincs in scenes and the backlight levels of some togglelincs. I was having intermittent communication problems with a few of the togglelincs when these programs would run. One switch in particular would stop working altogether when the program would run to change its on level in a scene, though not every time. When this would happen the red exclamation mark would show and I wouldn't be able to control the device again until I pulled the air gap tab on the switch. Then it could be controlled normally again. I believe the point at which the plm stopped working was when one of the programs ran to adjust the on levels and backlight levels. These run in the morning and evening based on the light sensors on motion detectors. When I noticed the plm was no longer working there were green flags next to 3 or 4 of the switches that would have either had their on levels in scenes changed or their back light levels adjusted. After I saw the green flags I tried to reboot the isy and that's when it went into safe mode and I realized the plm may be finished. I do have my phases coupled with 2 range extenders + an extra one near the plm. I'm wondering if the togglelinc that has to be reset by pulling the set tab may be faulty and perhaps lead to my plm not working. I'm sure this whole situation sounds little complicated, but by the off chance that someone may help me figure out what I need to do to get things back in order or at least in the mail (if I need another plm or switch) before I get home, I would be extremely grateful.


Thanks in advance!

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Once the ISY is in safe mode recycling the PLM alone is not sufficient. The PLM does not signal after a power cycle so the ISY will still assume it cannot communicate with the PLM. Reboot the ISY after power cycling the PLM. It may still go into safe mode if the PLM is dead but it may work if the PLM is intermittent.

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My 2413S died the other night.

The LED on the side was out.

I power cycled the ISY994i and PLM. The LED was still out. Then the ISY994i detected the PLM problem and was in Safe Mode. As I woud have expected.

Tried a Factory Reset on the PLM and it still was out.

Used a spare 2413S and used the Restore Modem (PLM) to get back in business.

The next morning after sitting off for maybe 14 hours. It again was working. :roll:

Put it in the Scrap box as I no longer trust it.

I also missed the 20% Off sale by one day.

Though they are listed as Back Ordered until 03/25/2014

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When I got home I plugged the PLM that wasn't working which had been sitting around for a few days and it worked again. I had a new PLM in route to be delivered and figured at least now I would have a backup. However the old PLM stopped working again a few days later. So it's a good thing that I got the new PLM.



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I reinstalled my problem 2413S into my ISY994i setup. It went dead in a few days.

This time I observed it with out any intervention at all. In the time period of two hours. It went On and Off three Times. It was On when. It sent out the commands from the ISY994i as scheduled.

My old V1.0 2413S is now handling the ISY994i's duties for now. I am not going to blow another $79.99 plus shipping on a device with a reputation to fail in just over its two year warranty period.

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Brian I just had the same thing happen over the past few months. It literally took a day of being unplugged for it to reset. Sometimes it would work for a few weeks, sometimes just a few hours.


I replaced it last month.


Seems they only last a few years.

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