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Insteon water detector sending bogus emails


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I have the sonin 00752R water sensor hooked up to the Insteon 2450 low voltage module in my sump pump. I have it so when it is wet it sends an email.


Working great for weeks but I have now gotten 3 emails this past week (not in a row) at 3:00 am saying water detected.


I do have the 3:00 Set Scene 'ISY' Query program.


Any idea why I get this email?



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Is the I/O Linc option Trigger Reverse being used? It sounds like it.


Trigger Reverse affects what the Sensor sends, On sends Off command, Off sends On command.


Unfortunately Trigger Reverse does not alter the Query response. Query returns the actual state of the Sensor, not the Trigger Reverse state.

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So what is my next step to determine the communication error?


I do think I have gremlin issues in my house. I could not communicate properly with a wireless tstat and ended up going to a wired one. Also sometimes lights do not follow the program and come on. iRule has issues with dropped commands. In a long line of commands the projector lift does not always go up. I ended up putting the up command in more than once to assure it goes up.


I guess I need to document the issues better to help root cause.

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It does sound like the problems go beyond the I/O Linc.


I would start with the basics, are the two 120v legs correctly coupled with a pair of Access Points that have passed the Set button test which verifies being on opposite 120v legs.


Are devices such as UPS, modem, router powered from from the same circuit as the PLM and not on a FilterLinc?

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Are devices such as UPS, modem, router powered from from the same circuit as the PLM and not on a FilterLinc?


The modem/router/PLM/ISY are all plugged into a box that comes right out of one of the circuit breaker boxes.


Just to be sure I understand, the way I have the above powered means I do not have a UPS?

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If both electrical boxes are powered from the same meter the house has two 120v legs.


I have no way to know if you have a UPS device. You do not know if a UPS is being used?


If the PLM is put into test mode with its Set button, do all the other wired devices blink Green or Red?

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