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All On/off button on KPL


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Ok, so I have a 8 button KPL and a Fanlinc. Due to the LEDs in my ceiling fan, the Fanlinc's dimmer does not work, but the KPLs dimmer does. So the fan is controlled by the FanLinc and the lights by the KPLs dimmer.


So, what I did was assign key C, D, E, and F to the fan's Off, Low, Med, and High settings respectively and it works great. What I'm having an issue with is that I would like to use the A button (All On/Off) as just an "All On" Button instead, however, I can not for the life of me get it to NOT toggle the light it is connected to. I have it set to Non-Toggle [On], but it still toggles the light! What is worse is that if I make it a controller for a scene, it still toggles the scene on and off as well. If I set it up as Non-Toggle [Off], it does in fact work as only an "off" button. So I tried setting button B as the All On, but when I do that the LED for A turns on because the light is on. A few questions:


1) Is it possible to decouple the LED light for Button A from the actual Dimmer?

2) Is what I'm looking to do even possible? Should I just give up on using the A button for an All On and just use it as an On/Off for the dimmer switch?

3) I sometimes get it to work as expected (only as an on button), but then it reverts (After me creating a scene or adjusting another button)


I'm highly confused. The rest of the buttons work as I expect, but the A button has me thoroughly confused!

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"Is it possible to decouple the LED light for Button A from the actual Dimmer?"




What is the KeypadLinc firmware level? What ISY level is being used?


I assigned a V.41 KPL button A as non-toggle On and Controller of a Scene using 4.2.1. The LED action of blinking twice and remaining On and the Event Viewer confirm it is in non-toggle On mode.

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I unlinked the KPL from the ISY, completely reset the KPL, and started over, and as of right now, I think it's doing what I want it to do. I should have probably tried this before. I really wish the dimmer would show up as a different device (A-H and a dimmer), but I suppose in a non-ISY environment, if you did that, you might not be able to re-link it to the A button, so I guess it makes sense.


I'm gonna keep messing with this and see what I come up with.

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