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Is NetLink from Smarthome going to compete with ISY?


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I seriously doubt that SH can maintain any sort of upkeep compared to UDI does with the ISY products. As we have seen Houselinc has not kept up with anything.


Also SH does not know how to provide customer service the way many other companies do (UDI, ELK and others).


As far as standalone controllers I think UDI will maintain the majority of the market easily enough. For software based applications Powerhome will be hard for anyone to beat.


I wonder who SH subcontracted out the Netlinc to?

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Looks good, like the IP Camera acess points.


I think it's a different type of product. It's basically a web interface for Insteon with timers built-in.


While the ISY is a web interface for Insteon, and can do timers, it can also do:


- link management

- more complex programs

- more than 240 devices/scenes

- IR

- notifications

- Elk support

- etc...


I do think the NetLinc looks great (the video does a good job).


What the NetLinc does, in my opinion, is push the need for an updated web interface for the ISY.

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