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Smartenit ZBPLM + iSmartenit


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I noticed that Smartenit has their own PLM running the Insteon controller chip plus it includes a Zigbee radio with an RS-232 interface so it can replace an existing Smarthome PLM. Furthermore, it has a Wi-Fi interface with an IP API for remote access. They also have the iSmartenit app for iOS and Android to connect to it over the network to control Insteon devices.


Does anyone know if this is compatible with the ISY? If so, are you using the iSmartenit app?


It's interesting to think I could use this to add Zigbee components in my HA setup to fill in gaps where Zwave+Insteon with my ISY currently have.


I'm using Mobilinc on my Android devices but I don't like it and would love a good replacement. Perhaps iSmartenit could be that.


Any feedback is appreciated.

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I would seriously doubt it.

To name one difference a quick look showed.

The 2413S PLM uses a 19,200,N,8,1 Baud Rate.

The ZBPLM uses 115,200,N,8,1 Baud Rate.


The sample Docklight file you can download from the devices web page does show some of the standard PLM serial command strings but the baud rate is also incorrect for the standard 2413S PLM.

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Best place to ask is their support forums.



If you download and unzip the sample file.

The .php file can be opened with a simple text editing program if you don't have the evaluation or full users version of Docklight.


The added commands listed in the documentation would also not be understood by the ISY controller as it normally would not have to deal with them.


Smartenit also sells it as a development module for your own sothware.

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